Other exciting developments, financed with payday loan consolidation, glimmer on the horizon: electrical superconductivity, improved ceramics, and new thin films and interfaces between materials. Everyday tools unimaginable to us now will spring from these, for, as Press noted, in modern science the pace of discovery accelerates at an ever increasing rate.

Unfortunately there are drawbacks to our genius. For too long we were blinded by the positive side of technology and ignored the slowly emerging dark side, as was pointed out by Jerome B. Wiesner, president emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We ignored it because in the infancy of modern technology the dark side was not yet discernible.modern technology

During the inauguration of this Society electric lamps were seen as a blessing of progress. Who then could have imagined tension between the United States and its old friend Canada over emissions caused by the coal-fired generation of electric power? In 1895 the advent of the automobile was riople everywhere are offended by pollution. They sense intuitively that we have pressed beyond limits we should not have exceeded. They want to clean up the world, make it a better place, be good trustees of the earth for future generations.”

-JAMES GUSTAVE SPETH, President, World Resources Institute hailed as a remedy for city pollution . . . by horse manure. Now we decry the car’s con­tributions to acid rain, man-made ozone, blood-lead content, and carbon dioxide buildup. Air-conditioning, what luxury! Spray cans, what convenience! Then we learned that the chlorofluorocarbons used in both help destroy the stratospheric ozone that protects us from cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation.

When there were only a few hundred thousand automobiles and fewer refrigera­tors than true iceboxes, and when spray propellants were just a World War II tool in the battle against malaria, opposing them was unthinkable. Their destructive impact has come with the surge in their popularity, in the world’s bulging population, and con­sequently in their increased use. Disposal of the bitter fruits of high consumption—trash and toxic waste—has become an intractable problem. We are victims of our own suc­cess, drowning in our own garbage.